One of the most unique aspects of Project Peanut Butter’s work is that we produce RUTF locally, in the countries where the product is needed, and we use as many local ingredients as possible. Our projects support local economies and build stronger communities by providing jobs for farmers, factory workers, administrators, nurses, health aides, drivers, and others. In addition, we lower our carbon footprint by sourcing many of our raw materials locally.

Choosing local production also ensures that consistent supplies of RUTF will be available to healthcare systems in vulnerable communities. Importing RUTF can often pose challenges, such as delays in shipping and materials being held in port for high customs fees.

"It's all run purely by Malawians. It makes us happy and proud that we are able to produce this product, which is serving our own Malawian child."- Liyaka Nchilamwela, former Factory Manager, PPB Malawi